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With our children being influenced by so many images in the media, it gets hard to show them how to distinguish which positive attributes to take from their role models, and which negative attributes to toss. Why not show them that there’s no better role model than YOU! We think it’s a fun project to recreate a photo taken of yourself using your child as the new subject.  Our kids don’t always listen to what we tell them to do, but they almost always mimic the things that we do. It’s important to show them that you too, are cool! Here are a few helpful hints when doing this:

1) The photo doesn’t need to be identical. Just make sure that everyone gets the general picture when they’re side by side.

2) Especially young children are not likely to mimic exactly what you’ve done in a photo, so give it a twist! Take their photo first, then mimic their photo.,

3) Display the photos side by side in their room or in your office so that you can both be reminded of who you look up to ;-)

4) The parent and child need not be the same gender. Get creative.

Here’s a sample of what we came up with:


Left image by Angela of Lydia’s ViZions. Right image by Christin of Christin Shoots People

Mocha Love,

Christin & Toni

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One comment

  1. Egor
    July 27, 2015 at 5:02 am

    These are beautiful! I’m Stefan’s coisun and I’m so far away that I rarely get to see this beautiful couple. Thanks so much for bringing the experience to my computer these photos are lovely.

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