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A Visit from Mocha Clause

‘Twas “about a week ago” *Bobby Schmurder voice* and the Armstrong kids were expecting a visit from Santa. They knew he wasn’t bringing “real” presents. He really just came to chit-chat about how good (or not so good) they’ve been this year. Riley wrote her list: Play-Doh and a doll. Baby Keon is a simple kid. He apparently could not care any less whether Santa brought him anything. They were pajama clad setting out cookies and cashew milk…because¬†the black Santa is (obviously) lactose-intolerant.


So the kids sat in the kitchen awaiting his arrival. Santa (more formally know as Daddy or “Mr. Armstrong” while they’re at school) made all kind of ruckus by the fireplace trying to convince the kids that he really did just fall down out of there.

The whole while I’m thinking “Damn, I love this man!”.

Of course, Riley came running around the corner from the kitchen jumping and yelling “I’M SO EXCITIK!”. She said it at least a dozen times, but I never corrected her because it was so damn cute! Baby Keon seemed to be extremely ‘interested’, but it was obvious that if Santa got to talking that crazy stuff, he would be ready to clap back immediately. He kept his distance. I think I’m proud of him for that.






Riley fed Santa all the cookies and cashew milk he could get through that beard. The look she had on her face was extremely heart-warming. The innocence. The love. Baby Keon was suspicious though. He “barely” got close and when he did, he never took his eyes off of him. I guess Santa was not about to catch him slipping. Again, I’m low-key proud of him for that. I kept wondering if they really knew it was their daddy and just played along because I was so excited or if they truly did not know. Santa couldn’t find his gloves so i just knew they’d recognize those hands. At one point, one of Santa’s eyebrows fell down on the floor (see below) and Riley was looking like “Something ain’t right! I can’t quite put my finger on it…but something. just. ain’t. right!”





My husband never broke character. Not even when I accidentally said “Baby Keon look at daddy” while trying to get a good photo. Not even when Riley asked him where his reindeer were AND asked to see them. Not even when baby Keon asked why Mrs. Clause didn’t come along. He had his “old man” voice on and he kept it going strong. Meanwhile, I’m still thinking about how incredibly blessed I am to have my man so willing to sit in that hot suit for that long just to see that smile on his kid’s faces. Riley gave Santa a huge hug and said her good byes. Keon gave him a “say fool…don’t get too close” hug (see above) and sent him on his way with a cookie for the road.


The kids headed back in the kitchen while Santa made his escape through the “chimney”. They looked at me…I looked at them…and then the conversation went as follows:

Baby Keon: that doesn’t look like the Santa we saw at H-E-B

Riley: I thought Santa was white


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  1. Pravin
    July 27, 2015 at 12:19 am

    You are absolutely doing the best thing ever in mknaig the most of that baby girl’s first Christmas! It will never come again. You have a wonderful life ahead!Have the Happiest of New Years and look forward to your posts in ’08!

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