5 Questions to Get Black People Focused

There have been several times in the few weeks that I’ve gotten on the internet and read a current event and then ultimately just closed my computer or phone within the first 4 minutes. Not because the world news makes me so sad (which it does), but mainly because of comments and opinions. It gets tough to know that I have to raise my children in the same world that stupid people are raising kids in. We (black people) are not the dominant race in any way. Mainly because WE DO NOT STICK TOGETHER. Let’s try to get to the root of this real quick by addressing these questions:

Why do black people think it’s impossible to walk and chew gum at the same time?

If one is discussing Aunt Viv and the Oscars, does that mean that said “one” isn’t concerned about the water in Flint, Michigan? Does that mean said one is “distracted”? I’ll get into my feeling on the #StayWoke crowd later but please mentally insert a side eye emoji in the meantime. I’ll be the first to admit that I have tunnel vision, but my compassion stretches far and wide. I can care about several things at once. I have multiple children and I have unconditional love and compassion for each of them. Being hateful is exhausting, but love and compassion are so plentiful. I’m the only one that gets to choose what I post about daily and I shouldn’t be judged and sentenced because I chose to discuss Love and Hip Hop Hollywood on a particular day.

Why can’t we stick together?

Odd question, yes. It seems so simple, though. One person says “We will boycott Black Friday” and another said “Man Walmart got a 90 inch TV for 42 dollars…”. One person says “Keep your dollars in the black community” and another says “I like what I like and it happens to be white owned”. Here’s the thing with dealing with more than one person: they will never all agree. Can we just reach a compromise some how? Can we stick together like our ancestors did? Can we all sacrifice for the good of the race? Probably not, but it’s a good thought, huh?

Why is the StayWoke/HOTEP/Conscious crowd hurting more than helping?

From what I understand, HOTEP literally translates to “peace”, but the Instagram bickering and Twitter rants are rarely “peaceful”. You are what’s wrong with us. You are why we are divided. Calling everyone that hasn’t caught word of what going on in Flint “sheeple” isn’t productive, by any means. It’s actually counterproductive. I know I’ll find it difficult to follow someone that talks to me like I’m a child all the time. I don’t really do well with cult-ish behavior. Go ahead and insert another mental side-eye emoji here.

What have you done about the current events?

I have to be honest. I, personally, still don’t know what ever happened with the #BringOurGirlsBack situation. It was a strong hashtag for a while, but where are they now? Are they back? Still there? I feel awful about not having sent my goons over there to ruffle some feathers and get them home safely. I’ve asked myself constantly “what could I have done?”. Guess what though: I don’t ever rant about how everyone else isn’t doing enough. Most of us haven’t done much more than hash-tagging and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Bringing awareness to these crises is a way to get the world involved so there’s no need to downplay others’ efforts when you haven’t sent your goons (or yourself) over to ruffle feathers either.

Why do we always have to one-up one another?

I saw someone online say “This Flint situation has been going on for months now and y’all just now finding out about it.”. One person replied “I been knowing about this for a year now”.

*Pause* Why does it matter that you knew about it longer than someone else?

In all that extra time that you spent “knowing about it”, what have to done to rectify it? Have you sent your goons (or yourself) to Flint? Have you written a book about it? A blog post? A Facebook status? Why, oh why do we always have to one-up each other? Maybe a huge reason that we can’t all stick together is because we compete when it comes to the smallest things. I’m not better than you because I knew something before you. I probably just spent more time trolling the internet when I should’ve been working. *shrug*

The purpose of this article isn’t to spew negativity. It’s to (hopefully) help us get on the same page. It’s to (hopefully) get us focused on the things that matter instead of minute things that continue to cause division among us. Ask yourself each question and share with your friends as well. Oh and uh…STAY WOKE!


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