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6 Things White People Need Not Say About the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Call me naive, but back in college, my head was in the clouds. I went to a diverse school and figured that racism wouldn’t be something my kids would ever experience, because it had already started to dissipate. I didn’t hear many racist jokes. I never heard hateful remarks unless I was watching a black or white supremacist on a talk show. To be honest, I even lived through a huge portion of my 20s without having experienced a situation that lessened my hope in human-kind.


But Lord, Have Mercy…the #BlackLivesMatter movement presented itself to the world and (certain) white people LOST. THEIR. MINDS. I’ll admit, there were times that I could’ve been doing something productive, but I got caught up in reading comments on BLM threads on Facebook. Just why? It gets serious out there. Racist pricks come out of the woodworks. People get to blocking and unfollowing and spewing more hate in one thread than I experienced in my entire first 30 years of life.


Quite a few comments keep surfacing that I MUST address. For the sake of humanity (literally), I need white people to dig deep down into their souls and take a few things into consideration before posting those same old “familiar” comments, words and phrases I’ve listed below:


1) “Black on black crime is the real issue”

Listen: I know you think this is the perfect rebuttal to “Black Lives Matter”. It’s not. At all. Black-on-black crime is an issue, yes, but it’s not THIS ISSUE. We (black people) have long ago addressed that our people kill each other. We have also addressed that there are almost always proper consequences. In the now, we’re working on figuring out how and why our brothers and sisters are being blatantly targeted and killed, mainly by cops, with few consequences. White people didn’t care a thing about lion-on-lion violence when Cecil was killed. The end. Period.

2) “You’re defending thugs”

Yes. I really actually read this comment repeatedly. Mike Brown was not proven to have tried to “kill the cop” that killed him. Sandra Bland was cantankerous, yes, but has running your mouth ever been a valid reason to be killed? Furthermore, if you wanna holler “AllLivesMatter”, shouldn’t thugs life be included in that? That brings me to #3, actually…

3) “All lives matter”

If you run up in the breast cancer walk with a sign that says “All cancers matter”, you’re likely to get beat down or laughed at. Pray for the latter. We never said “Black lives matter and we don’t give a damn about white lives because only ours are important”. We love white people. We have them in our family. (See how stupid that sounded when you read it?). It’s evident that all lives matter. It’s not evident that black lives matter. We have something for ourselves. We are sticking together and some people can not stand it. Why?

4) “You people”

If you said these words in reference to black people, you’re racist. It’s not up for debate!

5) “Stop complaining”/”Slavery ended years ago”

The nerve of us, right? If I recall correctly, I still never received my 40 acres…nor my mule. I know it’s hard to believe, but most black people don’t actually blame any living white person for slavery. We all know that if anyone tried to (physically) enslave any of us in 2015, we won’t be going down without a fight. You are forgiven for that. You can rest easy. HOWEVER, the slave-owner mentality isn’t something we choose to tolerate in 2015. We have the right to stand up against our genocide. We have the right to stand up against racism. We have the right to defend any life we want to defend and that shouldn’t make anyone angry.

6) “You’re racist”

Okay let’s get this straight RIGHT now because I’m so sick of hearing it. As said before, black prejudice does not affect the rights of white people. White people do not go to jail more or experience police brutality more because of black people’s prejudices.


I ask one favor of you. Share this post with that one person you know that makes these comments…and then block them. You’re welcome.


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