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Toni Estes Photographs in Los Angeles, CA shared this delightful session with us of the Campbell family. Since Toni is used to being both in front of and behind the camera it gives her a unique perspective of how clients may be feeling, which gives her an advantage because she’s able to make her clients feel comfortable. “I have a few past clients I refer to as cousins. We’ve built a comfort level that makes you feel like cousins at a family reunion. Although you don’t spend a lot of time with them, you feel a sense of okay-ness because you’re cousins!” She makes every effort to go above and beyond for her clients to make them feel at home when they are with her.

Toni tells us of the Campbell family, “This was a unique session for me because I have a very close relationship with the subjects. It was comfortable and easy; not that all of my sessions aren’t comfortable but this one was really comfortable. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time with the kiddos so they know me already. There’s a certain comfort level for them that’s already there. There are some sessions with kiddos that are a challenge because they don’t know you. So you spend the majority of the session trying to make them comfortable. When they finally get to that level of comfort to go ahead and be themselves the session is over. Because I already know the Campbell kids the trust level between me and them is already there. So in this case it’s all fun and laughs from the very beginning!”

This laid back session was done at the Campbells beautiful home in Los Angeles, and as you’ll see in the photographs each child’s personality just shines right on through!

When we asked Toni to describe the kids she said, “Krista, is the oldest of the 3 and she’s Miss Personality. She’s very much the big sister. Wozie is in the middle and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kiddo more laid back than him. He has certain things that he gets really excited about, but he doesn’t seem to be flustered by much. He’s a super cool kid. Zaya reminds me of my own feisty 3 year old. She’s very sure about what it is she wants, and doesn’t mind letting you know what that is! I love that about her!!”

When you look at Toni’s pictures you’ll feel like you’re right there soaking up the personalities, you can almost hear the laughter coming through a still picture, take a look for yourself!

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  1. Asnaifah
    July 27, 2015 at 1:32 am

    The couple look soooo in love, look at the way they look at each other, so calm, warm , and sooo pure. I woekrd with Anna before, such a sweet young lady. I am so happy for her to find her love. Congratulations to you both! All wishes from Kaiser Sacramento ICU. ami Inlay

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