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Kristenography: Tsage | Chicago, IL



This incredibly fun and unique shoot was done by Kristen of Kristenography in Chicago, IL.  When Kristen wrote to us, she said that she loves doing things that are out of the ordinary, photographing ordinary kids in ways that people might not expect. She’s always on top of her game and with a love of photographing natural hair models, it was easy for Tsage’s parents to choose Kristen as their photographer. They know that whatever vision they have for their daughter it can be made a reality with Kristen’s artistic talents. Tsage is a beautiful little girl whose parents take pride in her androgynous looks and natural bouncing curls. Kristen says you will typically find Tsage in gorgeous boutique dresses, twirling around and having a grand ol’ time, but today this beautiful little girl is going to teach us how to pull off a look that’s typically reserved for little boys, in the most adorable way ever. Her huge smile and adorable dimples will be sure to leave you melted into a puddle.

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